Moriconi Flowers Ltd.

Moriconi Flowers Ltd. is a law firm dedicated to applying decades of legal expertise to the emerging commercial and medical cannabis and hemp markets in the United States and abroad. Building off of careers in commercial litigation, transactional debt instruments, oil and gas regulation, liquor licensing, insurance coverage, and catastrophic loss, the attorneys at Moriconi Flowers Ltd. routinely navigate regulated markets.


Legal Services

In the highly regulated medical or commercial cannabis and hemp space, Moriconi Flowers Ltd. is the legal partner who will make your cannabis-related endeavor a reality. We offer commercial contract drafting and negotiation, real estate purchasing and leasing, cannabis-friendly investment instruments, regulatory analysis, and litigation services – just to name a few.


Outside of the practice of law, Moriconi Flowers Ltd. also consults for a variety of investment houses, individuals, and established companies entering the medical or commercial cannabis and hemp markets in the United States. Offering focused concentration specific to emerging industries allows our team to produce winning results for our clients – many of which are elite performers in their own respect.


Justin Moriconi, Esquire

Clients in emerging markets are well served by Justin Moriconi’s civil litigation practice with a focus on energy, regulated cannabis, and hemp markets. Business investment, consulting, formation, permitting, expansion, lease drafting and negotiation, contract drafting and enforcement, commercial agreements, lending documentation, and litigation are all served by Mr. Moriconi in a breadth of industries. He regularly lectures on various topics, continuing legal education, and works with the most qualified and successful professionals in their respective trades.

Ted Flowers, Esquire

As a litigator, Ted has argued before state and federal appellate courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as 1st chaired multiple jury trials through verdict. He has extensive experience in assorted licensing matters, representing hotels, bars, restaurants, distillers, and distributors through all stages of the liquor licensing and regulatory process, and used this expertise to become experienced in the emerging cannabis field.

Startup Services

Find cannabis industry professionals to help start and grow your venture with.






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