Jointly is the cannabis discovery company powered by a proprietary data platform and created on the premise that purposeful cannabis consumption is the key to unlocking a better you. It has the industry’s first - and only - experience-based app for purposeful cannabis consumption.

Cannabis enthusiasts use the Jointly app to reflect on their experiences to reveal insights that help them reach their goals. These authentic, unbiased experiences create Jointly’s trusted product ratings, matching consumers with the best-performing products for their goals. Jointly Matches is the first and only goal-based, data-driven cannabis sales software for retailers, and is powered by the hundreds of thousands of unbiased product ratings and experiences of Jointly app users.


Jointly Matches, for retailers

Jointly Matches is the industry’s first and only goal-based, data-driven cannabis sales software for retailers, matching customers to the best cannabis products for their goals. The Jointly Matches software uses hundreds of thousands of real, unbiased goal-based product ratings from consumers on the Jointly platform to recommend products from a retailer’s real-time inventory. The tablet-based software fits a retailer’s needs - as a shared experience between budtender and customer, or a self-service experience for customers. Matches is also in the Jointly app and online, driving customers to retail with product lists in hand, ready to shop. Matches will: Increase revenue: Making upselling easy and a part of every customer experience. Matches boosts customer retention and frequency by instilling confidence and trust through product recommendations. Empower budtenders: Matches educates customers on the benefits of cannabis by confidently recommending the best products backed by data and science. Decrease expenses: Matches will reduce budtender training and turnover. Retailers will be able to effectively stock high performing products and discontinue others.

Jointly App, for consumers

The Jointly app is a free cannabis discovery platform that helps consumers discover new products, deepen their experiences, and reach their goals with cannabis. Consumers can find the best products for their goals and create lists of their favorites to save, share, and bring to the dispensary to help with their shopping experience. The Matches algorithm recommends products based on their goals, preferences, and authentic unbiased rating from hundreds of thousands of other Jointly users. No brand can ever pay for placement or better listings. Through reflections in the app, consumers can understand what factors, like dose, product type, and even sleep, impact their experiences the most. The app gives consumers insights that help them learn what’s working and what isn’t, so they can refine their experiences and reach their goals. In fact, consumers that use the Jointly app have 50% better experiences with cannabis products than consumers who don’t use Jointly.

Jointly Magazine

The Jointly magazine is rooted in data and science to help consumers and the industry get the most out of cannabis. Get answers to all your cannabis questions, dive into the latest science on the endocannabinoid system, and hear from the industry’s most trusted experts and thinkers.

Purposeful Consumption

At Jointly, we believe cannabis makes us more, not less. And with our hundreds of thousands of consumers on the Jointy platform, we also have the data to prove it. Through purposeful consumption, we can help people reach their goals with cannabis. Join us in helping end the stigma and ushering a new era of purposeful cannabis consumption.


David Kooi - Co-Founder and CEO

David loves cannabis, music, the natural sciences, and using data to solve problems. He is the creator and author of the Theory of Purposeful Cannabis Consumption, in which he dismantles the stigma against cannabis consumption using Jointly’s unique data. Before Jointly, David combined his background in business leadership and analytics with his passion for nature and endurance sports to build the most successful bicycle retailer in southern California, which he later sold to Trek. Kooi graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in Economics and Statistics before earning his MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He also plays the banjo, but not very well.

Eric Gutshall - Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer

Before co-founding Jointly, Eric co-founded Haven Realty Capital in 2010 and was Managing Principal until 2020 and served as Co-Founder and President of Haven Homes, Inc., from 2010-2020. He also serves as a Board Member at Electric Monster as well as an Advisor for Roofstock. Gutshall received his BA from Yale University, his MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business and MRED from the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy.