Green Bean CFO

Create your competitive advantage by excelling in the aspects of the industry where most are flailing. Cannabis Finance & Accounting experts comprise our consortium of 50+ professionals (CFOs, CPAs, Attorneys, MBAs, EAs & Bookkeepers) who provide tailored services to maximize the profitability and shareholder value of your Canna-business.

Why hire full-time accounting and finance staff that are not trained for the nuances of cannabis businesses?

Our expertise is minimizing your taxes under the punitive tax law ยง280E through proper accrual/ cost accounting in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

Remaining IRS Audit ready and state-compliant is another reward for doing cannabis accounting correctly, and there is ONLY ONE RIGHT WAY to do cannabis accounting.

Record keeping is the key to compliance. We maintain your documents in a virtual data room, so they are always available to auditors, investors, and lenders.

We aim to add significantly more value than our fees, and are always suggesting ways to maximize your profits. Compared to the costs of full-time staff, payroll taxes, benefits, etc., we are a bargain.

Book a quick call today to see if we are a fit for each other. We only take on clients that are in it to win it.