Cova Software

Cova is the leading compliant POS suite for cannabis retailers and delivery. Cova helps retailers simplify compliance, reduce operational cost, and increase revenue through automated compliance, inventory management, and an express check-out app. With a growing network of partners including Baker, I Heart Jane, greenRush, springbig, and Bud Byte, a seamless tech ecosystem gives retailers access to the best tools available to run their business.


Automated Compliance

Cova has built-in compliant features to prevent your staff from breaking the rules, including age verification, looping alert with daily purchase limit, and hours of operation compliance.

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows retailers to make sales and keep your business running even when wifi is weak or down.

Express Checkout Kiosk Addon

Cova POS seamlessly integrates with our touchscreen menu application. Touchscreen Menu allows consumers to browse, learn about the products and add their orders from the self-serve kiosk. The order will be sent to Cova POS for a quick checkout, speeding up transaction time and reducing wait time.

Seamless State Integrations

Cova integrates with BioTrackTHC, Leaf Data Systems, Metrc – and soon Canada's traceability system. This seamless connection allows retailers to report their sales and inventory to the government, reducing human errors and saving time. On average, our clients save 1-2 hours a day auditing and reporting inventory. That’s 50 hours a month!


Gary Cohen, CEO

Gary leads Cova’s charge into the legal cannabis space by guiding the vision, strategic development, ‘go to market’ plans and culture. Before joining Cova, Gary was a principal in over a dozen tech start-ups in the wireless industry ranging from small VC funded companies to Fortune 100 firms.