Corrigan Corporation

Our mission is to manufacture misting, humidification, and water filtration systems that are practical, reliable, and designed to improve profits.

Corrigan Corporation of America was founded out of necessity. In the late 1970s, Jack Corrigan recognized he was throwing away potential profits at his “Carrot Top” produce market. His civil engineering background helped him to devise a method for fresh produce preservation. With patents dating back to 1979, Jack Corrigan is credited with establishing the very first automatic produce misting equipment.

From misting, other products followed, manufactured with the same guiding principles. This quality emphasis goes into the reverse osmosis water filtration systems, service case and warehouse humidity systems, ozone, audio marketing, and outdoor evaporative cooling systems manufactured by Corrigan. Corrigan’s VaporDry™ humidifiers produce precise dry fog humidity required in vegetative grow rooms.