Bespoke Financial

Bespoke offers cannabis companies Invoice Financing, Inventory Financing, and Line of Credit options which provide cash to pay expenses or purchase inventory quickly and reliably. Our short term cannabis loans can help your business better plan for success and scale for the future.


Inventory Financing

Don’t let cash flow issues slow down your growth. Stay on top of your invoices with inventory financing. With inventory financing, we’ll pay your vendors directly so you can demand COD pricing.

Invoice Financing

With invoice financing, we’ll provide you with an advance of 75% on a nominated accounts receivable invoice. Once the invoice is paid the remaining 25% goes back to you minus accrued fees.

Purchase Money Financing

Companies sometimes receive PO’s but don’t have the capital on hand to fulfill the orders. Bespoke advances 100% of your purchase of raw materials enabling you to fulfill purchase orders.

Line of Credit

Our most flexible product. With Bespoke’s revolving Line of Credit you can draw down capital to use as you like or request Bespoke pay vendors on your behalf.