Accountabis Advisors

Accountabis Advisors specializes in servicing cannabis businesses and has extensive experience working with and understanding the nuances of this regulated industry. We can help your business grow by providing up-to-date financial information and specialized services, including: weekly bookkeeping, payroll processing and management, payables and receivables, inventory control, and internal audits. Working with our experienced team means you will have the time to focus on growing your business while we focus on making sure your business runs smoothly.


Weekly bookkeeping

Payroll processing and Management

Payables and Receivables

Inventory Control

Internal Audits


Eveline Dang, Co-Founder

Since graduating with Honors from Babson College where she co-founded the business with her partner Max Miller, Eveline has focused her career on managing all executive aspects of Paybotic. Originally from Vietnam and has travelled to different countries where the payment industry witnesses different stages of growth, Eveline has a relentless desire to study the industry in depth to essentially be able to introduce the best payment solutions and systems to not just developing countries around the world but also U.S. industry verticals that have limited access to banking/financial services.

Max Miller, Co-Founder

Max graduated from Babson College with a degree in Entrepreneurship. He is a true entrepreneur whose global vision and passion for future-proof payment solutions has inspired him to build a company that provides the most advanced and secured payment systems to merchants. The constant changes in technology in the industry drive Max to always learn and integrate the best and most appropriate payment solutions to keep the company’s clients on top of their game. As the founder and president of Paybotic, Max is responsible for the ongoing strategic and economic growth of the company.

Tom Wondra, CEO

Tom’s career included IT roles early, as well as pure manufacturing and business operations roles for Fortune 500 and SMB organizations. He gained a keen appreciation for the power of process, and the importance of instilling discipline in an organization, especially as it is growing. That said, Tom firmly believes in flexibility, and being nimble and adaptable. In more recent years, Tom co-founded, grew and sold a FinTech start-up, helped grow a software and services company from 10 to 60+ employees, and provided strategy and process consulting services to several SMBs.