An Alternative to the Cannabrand Controversy

Aquarius Cannabis has aims to instill an efficient, cohesive order of operations in an otherwise unorganized cannabis distributing industry via an emphasis on consistency. Despite billion dollar valuations, and forecasted valuations exceeding 10 billion just five years down the road, there’s a lot left to improve before cannabis distribution evolves as an entity that lives up to its potential.

Aquarius Cannabis and their provided mission statement hones in on the glaring weakness prevalent in so many marijuana product exchanges; consistency in regard to cannabis strain is ordered and what is finally delivered. Consumers are quick to forget a particular strain name such as Purple Haze, and its smell, taste, and effects on the mind/body will be unique most every time across growers, dispensaries, markets, etc. Simply put, Purple Haze from Seller A will fly you to the moon and back with an obligatory stop at a McDonald’s drive-thru, while Seller B’s Purple Haze might make your toes tingle for a minute, and that might’ve just been your legs falling asleep. Do consumers really want to risk paying for the latter unknowingly?

When consumers track down the strain that’s everything they want in a cannabis experience, they’re likely to stick with it for a while. Aquarius Cannabis declares themselves revolutionarily consistent, and the ultimate in U.S.-based branding companies within the cannabis industry.

Through launching a micro-brand program in both California and Oregon, the company will have the ability to help individual master growers formulate and thereafter solidify brands unique to their mission, product effects/taste/smell/etc. How does Aquarius Cannabis benefit from all this? They co-own the intellectual property of each product sold, and forego selling the cannabis product themselves.

In contrast, Cannabrand; a Denver-based cannabis industry ad agency startup once looked upon as bearing great promise, is now suffering collective distaste from the very market their agency depends on. As an ad agency, the last thing you want to do is alienate your clientele through irrational public statements. ‘We’re trying to weed out the stoners,’ as they told the New York times, just isn’t going to get it done. Cannabrand adopted an overbearingly presumptuous tone when they threw out lines such as, ‘we’re want to show the world that normal, professional, successful people consume cannabis.’ A statement like that is unintentionally driving a wedge in the cannabis consumer community by stereotyping the ‘stoners,’ while paying lip-service to ‘the successful, accomplished individuals.’

Aquarius Cannabis has executed their launch with grace, and planned moves that seek to improve the system for the cannabis consumer by taking into account the lack of consistency the average consumer is presently plagued with. Aquarius Cannabis has in no way alienated Cannabis consumer society, and it’s this overriding fact that speaks to the reality that Cannabrand is but a small time player with big aims caught in the shadow of a big league baller with a strategy to better the cannabis industry as a whole.

Photo Credit: Prensa 420