How Centralized Purchasing Saves Cannabis Brands Time & Money

It’s no secret that running a cannabis business comes with plenty of challenges. However, specifically because cannabis brands are faced with so many challenges, they are also uniquely positioned to benefit from cutting-edge digital tools that streamline tasks and reduce costs. 

This free 18-page Ebook from Order explores the ways that cannabis brands — particularly those in the process of growing quickly — can benefit from centralized purchasing workflows, or digital procurement

As your business grows, the processes for obtaining the necessary materials to run daily operations are often overlooked. With a digital procurement system in place, all purchasing is combined into one platform that compares sources, establishes an approval system, integrates with vendor portals, tracks deliveries, and provides detailed reports on demand. 

This report examines how and when to implement digital procurement, the impact that it can have on cannabis companies in particular, a detailed overview of the features and capabilities of the top solutions currently available, and more.

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