Marijuana Gardens AZ Now Selling Outdoor Grow House Kits

Tempe, Arizona, February 16, 2021 — Tempe, Arizona-based, Marijuana Gardens AZ, LLC announces the production and sales of turnkey Outdoor Marijuana Grow House Kits and premium gardening services for those who suffer chronic pain or like to enjoy the use of recreational marijuana.

With the passage of the Smart and Safe Act (Arizona Proposition 207), the use of recreational marijuana is not only legal in Arizona, but also, residents are allowed to grow and harvest for personal use up to 12 marijuana plants per household. With a Prop 207-compliant outdoor marijuana grow house, Arizona residents can start growing their own marijuana garden today.

With a small, upfront investment, Marijuana Gardens will construct an attractive and secure outdoor grow house with all equipment and soils needed to grow marijuana plants. Furthermore, using seeds customers obtain through a third-party provider, the company will plant its customers’ first harvest.

With a 6 plant grow house at the residence and employing proper cultivation, customers can expect their marijuana grow house to produce between 50 to 70 ounces of marijuana each year. Double that for 12 plants.

“With marijuana selling for upwards of $250 per ounce, our customers can save a significant amount of money growing their own,” says co-founder Dante Schettino.

Marijuana Home Gardens also offers optional service contracts where skilled marijuana growers will come to its customers’ homes on a weekly basis and cultivate the plants and treat the soil to ensure a constant crop.

“This isn’t your mother’s vegetable garden where you jam some seeds in the ground and walk away,” says Shettino. “If you don’t have experience in growing marijuana you are going to waste a lot of time and money, not to mention risking a complete loss.”

Marijuana Home Gardens provides premium organic soil and nutrients and combines them with expertise in cultivation to maximize growth. “Using highly popular auto flower seeds, we can take you from seed to smoke in 90 days,” says Schettino.

About Marijuana Home Gardens
Based in Tempe, Arizona, Marijuana Home Gardens provides outdoor grow house kits, gardening services, and other marijuana harvesting services for Arizona residents. For more information on Marijuana Home Gardens, visit or contact us at or call (480) 780-6763.

For more information on Marijuana Seed Connect, visit Marijuana Seed Connect.

Dante Schettino
Co-Founder, Marijuana Home Gardens
(480) 780-6763


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