Jointly and Cova Collaborate to Transform Cannabis Retail with Jointly Matches, the First Goal-Based Data-Driven Sales Platform

Los Angeles, California – May 30, 2023 – Jointly, a cannabis discovery and software company, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Cova, a leading provider of cannabis point of sale (POS) software. This collaboration offers cannabis retailers access to Jointly Matches, Jointly’s new software for retailers that empowers budtenders to make data-informed product performance recommendations.

Jointly Matches is fueled by nearly a half a million goal-specific product performance ratings, collected from users of Jointly’s mobile consumer app, where consumers learn to find success with cannabis by practicing what Jointly calls “Purposeful Cannabis Consumption.”

“We are excited to partner with Cova to offer cannabis retailers a tool that will help them match their customers with the right products, more easily and more often,” said David Kooi, CEO and Co-Founder of Jointly. ”Cannabis retail is about helping people live better. People shop for cannabis to find relaxation, to relieve everyday stress, sleep better, stimulate their creativity, enjoy exercise or recover from it, relieve everyday pain, and more. Our software aims to assist budtenders in aligning customers with the best-suited products for their individual needs, drawing from our unique data about what works most effectively.”

Key benefits of the Jointly-Cova partnership include:

  • Enhanced Consumer Experiences: Jointly’s data show that the quality of a person’s cannabis experience is determined about 50% by their chosen product and 50% by creating the conditions for a good experience (by controlling for factors like dose, setting, hydration, time of day, etc.). When consumers are matched with the right products for their goals, they’ll experience superior outcomes.
  • Empowered Budtenders: Budtenders, armed with goal-specific product performance data, are freed to nurture more value-added aspects of the customer relationship, no longer needing to suggest products without data to back up their recommendations.
  • Boosted Sales: When consumers are confident in their purchases and understand the various benefits and effects of cannabis, they tend to make larger and more frequent purchases.
  • Purposeful Time Spent In Store: Offering a goal-based, effects-oriented framework for shopping that prioritizes product performance, attention is deflected away from less productive concepts like indica vs sativa, shopping based on highest THC percentage, or being swayed by enticing packaging or pricing.

The Jointly-Cova partnership is now available to all licensed US cannabis retailers.

About Jointly
Jointly is the cannabis discovery company. Powered by a proprietary data platform, the company was created on the premise that purposeful cannabis consumption is the key to unlocking a better you. Cannabis enthusiasts use the platform to discover new products and reflect on their experiences to reveal insights that help them reach their goals. Their product ratings power Jointly’s goal-specific cannabis product recommendation engine. That engine helps cannabis retailers sell more cannabis to more people more easily, for all the great reasons people shop and consume.
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About Cova
Cova builds innovative software solutions for cannabis retail. Its award-winning suite includes dispensary POS, eCommerce, payments, inventory management, and advanced analytics—tech designed to simplify compliance and streamline complex operations. A focus on ease of use, industry-leading reliability, and enterprise-proven scalability have made Cova the most-trusted cannabis retail platform in North America, powering 2,000 locations.
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