High Purity Extractions Announces Supercritical CO2 THC Remediation for Less than $500

High Purity Extractions is offering Supercritical CO2 services for less than $500 per input kilogram!*

*Minimum input of 80kg

May 11, 2020 – Southbridge, MA — High Purity Extractions of Southbridge, MA today announced that their production throughput increased substantially, leaving available time in their processing calendar. At the time of this post, High Purity can remediate an additional 1750kg per month.

Significant volume processing available!

High Purity’s total monthly input capacity has increased to 6700kg and growing as they expand into new processing lines. “We love building relationships that are mutually beneficial and long-lasting. We know that you will be impressed with our professionalism and the product you receive from our services,” said Chris Gusha, Vice President for High Purity.

“Our Supercritical CO2 Chromatography process allows for an 80-85% retention of CBD molecules without the use of co-solvents or media, no ethanol! This process yields a product that tests at less than 0.1% D9THC.”

In addition to THC remediation services, High Purity also offers pesticide remediation for an additional cost.

Please contact High Purity Extractions today if you would like to discuss the opportunity to work with us on your remediation needs. Click here for more info.

  • FDA & cGMP Certified

  • Organic Process

  • USDA Compliant Certified Products

Supercritical CO2 Services offered:

CO2 THC remediation – We can separate THC from CBD in a complete solventless system. We can accept any input material and bring it to 85-95% CBD that is below .1% THC concentration.
CO2 CBN remediation – Similar to our CO2 THC remediation technology, we also can remove CBN from any CBD matrix.
CO2 THC+CBN remediation – We also can remove both THC and CBN in the same process
CO2 Pesticide Remediation – We can remove pesticides from any botanical extract, including non-hemp!
CO2 THC to CBN Conversion – We can convert any cannabinoid matrix that contains THC into CBN. In a CO2 system without any co-solvents.
CO2 CBDA Isolation – We can also separate CBDA from any incoming Hemp biomass! A great addition to your vape cartridge formula to limit crystallization.
CO2 Tolling – We can toll a variety of compounds in CO2 to create various extracts.

Please contact Chris Gusha at High Purity Extractions for more info – chris@highpurityextractions.com / 617.521.8532