Heavy Hitters Releases THC/CBN Sleep Gummy for California Market

LOS ANGELES, California, September 2, 2021 — Heavy Hitters today launched Lights Out, the brand’s first entry into the Sleep space.

According to the CDC, over 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. Lack of sleep is linked to everything from injuries and chronic disease, to poor well-being and lost productivity. As much as we tell ourselves that a good night’s sleep is overrated, our body and mind know better. Experts say that sleep empowers an effective immune system, boosts our brain functions, and even helps minimize a number of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. It was clear to Heavy Hitters that improving your sleep was a major step in improving your life.

For Heavy Hitters, it all started with developing a one-two punch of CBN and THC. So what is CBN? CBN is a minor cannabinoid that’s created when THC is aged. When combined with THC, the result can be a more powerful sedation effect than THC alone.

Since 1996, Heavy Hitters has been dedicated to only producing the highest quality, purest and most potent products on the marketplace. For something as important as a sleep product, they didn’t just follow what was already out in the marketplace, they made it stronger and better.

Heavy Hitters created the heaviest hitting sleep gummy in the world, packing 20mg of THC with 20mg of CBN in every piece. And since their gummy testing team had to start setting multiple alarms in the morning, naming it “Lights Out” just made sense for this ultimate knockout of a product.

Heavy Hitters didn’t just end the quest to provide better sleep with the product, they created an experience and a service to go with it. Heavy Hitters developed a Lights Out sleep kit that includes a soft, lavender-infused satin eye mask, custom earplugs, and an essential oil-infused sleep candle to help set the mood. To top it all off, we created a custom pair of PowerBeats Pro Wireless Headphones matched with an 8D sleep mix designed to help massage the brain into a deeper sleep, with more epic and vivid dreams. Consumers can enter to win their own sleep kit at any participating retailers, or by going directly to https://heavyhitters.co/sleep

Lights Out hit the shelves today at select retailers, and launches statewide in California at the end of the month. Lights Out is available in bags of 5 pieces for a total of 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBN in each pouch (2 servings per piece).

And just fair warning…set a couple of alarms the first time you try Lights Out…

About Heavy Hitters

Los Angeles-born and family-owned and operated since 1996, Heavy Hitters is a true original amongst cannabis brands. Dedicated since day one to only produce the highest quality, purest and most potent products, Heavy Hitters continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be connoisseur cannabis. Always innovating, their ever-growing brand portfolio includes one of the best-selling vape cartridges in California, along with a variety of edibles, concentrates and pre-rolls. Heavy Hitters products are distributed exclusively by Mammoth Distribution and are available in California’s top dispensaries.