GrassDoor Outperforms with Lighting-Fast Delivery Platform

Marijuana consumers in the greater LA area can stop spending their lives waiting for a bud to arrive. Fueled by an army of technologists, GrassDoor is an online application that rockets marijuana products to customers’ doorsteps.

With a menu curated from the finest growers and retailers working in cannabis, GrassDoor is powered by red-hot software that exploits previously-unknown shortcuts in mapping systems.

The result? Boasting a 99.5% order-perfection rate, GrassDoor also reports an industry-best average delivery time of 26 minutes.

Reversing the stereotypical expectation of slow drivers arriving hours late, the fleet of mobile budtenders using the GrassDoor platform arrive at customer’s doors faster than any other service.

GrassDoor is not the Uber or Lyft of weed – it is the limo service. Trained in both efficient driving and marijuana curation, GrassDoor’s mobile budtenders are the safest and most-reliable drivers in the industry.

Quality cannabis for savvy customers

The online menu has been assembled by marijuana sommeliers who travel farm-to-farm searching for the greatest products at the best price, rigorously inspecting every flower, vape cartridge, edible, etc. Whether selecting top shelf hybrids or half-ounce sun-grown, GrassDoor customers can count on the top-notch quality of anything they order.

In addition to getting weed faster than a pizza, consumers using GrassDoor can benefit from a number of money-saving programs offered by the software – including a loyalty program and rewards for referring new customers. Other perks include ordering from any address, scheduling deliveries for a specific day/time, and the old-school option to pay with cash.

Rapid growth

With a network that blankets the majority of Los Angeles, GrassDoor is quickly growing in popularity – which is only increasing the number of areas where consumers can access this revolutionary service. Looking to expand to more CA zip codes in the next year, GrassDoor is positioning itself as the premiere delivery website for hand-picked marijuana products.