Distru Connect Launches to Streamline the Vendor-to-Retail Reordering Process

Distru, a seed-to-sale ERP for cannabis operators, today announced the launch of Distru Connect, an intelligent inventory data platform that gives brands and distributors real-time visibility into inventory levels at retail and take actions that limit revenue loss, optimize production, and understand campaign performance.

The volatility of current market dynamics require brands and distributors to collaborate very closely with their retail partners to ensure survivability through these times. Never before has it been more imperative for all participants in the cannabis supply chains to make data-informed business decisions, and to do so requires real-time transparency into inventory data, helping them answer questions like:

  • Which SKU(s) are and are not selling at the rates we need them to?
  • What is the opportunity cost of not placing a particular SKU on the shelf?
  • Should production double down on a particular category?
  • What is our ideal product mix?

The newly released analytics tool enhances the vendor-retailer relationship by providing a normalized 2-way view of inventory data including amounts, velocity, days to stock out and more, all available for SKU level and time-range filtering. In addition, Distru Connect equips brands and distributors with powerful tools that enable them to forecast opportunities, shorten the order cycle, control inventory costs and production risks with inventory visibility, set inventory par level alerts, optimize their product mix and more.

Access to normalized data helps drive productive dialogue and efficiencies across the entire supply chain by ensuring all parties have access to the same, normalized data, in a safe and secure manner. With vendor managed inventory, retailers can:

  • avoid costly stock-out events of their top selling products
  • reduce payments to brands by optimizing days of inventory on hand
  • minimize the back and forth requests around inventory levels and campaign effectiveness

Though retailers have their own preferred inventory management style and tools such as POS and analytics software, Distru Connect focuses on bringing everyone on the same page with the same data. The platform is launching with top brands in California that will be announced in the coming months.

For more information regarding Distru Connect, please click here.

About Distru
Distru is a seed-to-sale ERP for cannabis operators, giving them the ability to manage their inventory, orders and customer relations from a single platform, while staying compliant with Metrc. Currently, Distru’s SaaS tool serves hundreds of licensees across several markets in the U.S, with over $1B in transactions passing through its platform annually. Distru is widely known for its user experience, best-in-class Metrc integration, and customer support. Visit Distru.com to learn more.