Canna Cribs Ep. 4 Features World’s Largest Outdoor Cannabis Farm

Canna Cribs Episode 4 — featuring Los Sueños Farms in Pueblo, Colorado — released today and is now available online via the series’ YouTube channel.

Canna Cribs is a viral mini-documentary series highlighting the immense amount of work and dedication that professional cannabis cultivators put into their craft. Presented by Growers Network and hosted by entrepreneur Nate Lipton, the Canna Cribs series has already given viewers first-hand glances into cannabis mega-farms in California (Episode 1), Washington (Episode 2), and Arizona (Episode 3).

Episode 4 is no different as Lipton and the Canna Cribs team jump straight into exploring the massive, 36-acre field of cannabis plants at Los Sueños Farms.

Los Sueños Farms is unique to most other cannabis farms because it is comprised of four licensed cannabis producers operating individually on the same property.

The four on-site producers are Farmboy LLC, Baseball 18 LLC, Los Sueños LLC, and Emerald Fields Grow LLC. Together, with 1.4 million square feet of canopy space to work with, they represent “the largest legal recreational [cannabis] farm in North America,” in terms of overall “footprint,” said Jarrod Mason, Director of Business Development for Los Sueños Farms, in a Canna Cribs interview.

Canna Cribs Episode 4 covers all aspects of cannabis production at Los Sueños Farms, including the use of drones to aerially monitor plant health and how growers rely on free-range chickens to hunt grasshoppers — which, we learn, pose one of the greatest threats to cannabis crops in the region.

Join Nate Lipton and the rest of the Canna Cribs crew via the player below to learn exactly how the growers of Los Sueños Farms operate to produce top-tier products for the Colorado cannabis industry.

Canna Cribs is an ongoing mini-documentary series produced by Growers Network that covers entrepreneurs and pioneers in the burgeoning cannabis industry. You can catch up on earlier episodes via the Canna Cribs YouTube channel.

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