Avaans Media Introduces PR Sprints for Cannabis Consumer Products

One of the country’s best cannabis agencies offers flexible, powerful packages to consumer brands.

(July 7, 2022) LOS ANGELES, CA – Avaans Media, best known for its bespoke PR services, breaks the rules with PR Sprints which are ideal for cannabis brands launching products, boutique, or local cannabis brands, or in need of a competitive boost for a short period of time.

Widely accepted as one of the most powerful ways for consumer brands to increase awareness, increased demand for PR services and long-term commitments are squeezing out boutique or local cannabis brands. Traditional PR services require long-term commitments, and according to Cision, 45% of brands increased their PR in 2021.

“These sprints are all about high impact in a short period of time, ideal for cannabis brands without 6-figure budgets,” said Avaans Media CEO and Founder Tara Coomans, and Entreprenuer.com contributor.

PR is more effective than branded content at all stages of the purchase funnel, generating 10-50 times that of advertising conversions, according to Nielson.

The PR Sprint packages have limited availability. Avaans Media launched the first cohort of PR Sprints starting July 1, and the cohort sold out in a matter of weeks. The deadline to secure a place for the fall cohort is August 1, 2022.

“We have been delighted at the response to the flexibility of the PR Sprints,” stated Coomans.

Find out more about Avaans Media Product PR Sprints.

About Avaans Media
Originally founded by Tara Coomans in 2008, and servicing cannabis brands since 2015 (previously known as Primo PR), today Avaans Media offers digitally savvy bespoke PR. From startup through IPO, Avaans Media clients include emerging industries like drones, robots, cannabis, and AI as well as highly ambitious consumer tech, CPG or DTC brands. Avaans Media’s successes and executive-level award-winning team members have allowed Avaans to become one of the top cannabis PR agencies in the country. https://avaansmedia.com
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