Why Choose Cannabis with High THC Content?

If you’re hoping to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis, then THC-rich cannabis is the smart choice for you. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary cannabinoid that makes people feel high after consuming cannabis. The chemical is metabolized and enters your bloodstream, binding to cannabinoid receptors in your brain and Central Nervous System to produce a euphoric effect. In some ways, THC is considered the plant-based equivalent of the neurotransmitter called anandamide, which impacts feelings of bliss, memory, pain, appetite, and more.

Why do people want high THC content?

Many cannabis patients use THC-rich cannabis for its positive medicinal effects. They consume it for relief from various health problems, such as chronic pain. It’s also helpful for bringing back lost appetites and maintaining healthy body weight. Other consumers use THC-rich cannabis to beat insomnia, or they might appreciate its anti-inflammatory effects — many elder patients, in fact, consume cannabis to help alleviate their arthritis symptoms. People also argue that THC acts as an antioxidant that protects the skin. Moreover, THC is sometimes even used to combat seizure disorders such as epilepsy.

Be careful with potent strains

High-grade marijuana has been known to carry some paradoxical effects, and each person can experience the effects of THC differently. Anecdotal evidence suggests that THC can elicit opposite effects at high doses versus low doses — for example, when someone treats their anxiety with a low dose of THC to help them relax, it works. On the other hand, high THC concentrations can trigger panic attacks in some consumers and semi-frequently results in paranoia. Some people have even reported that high doses of THC can lead to depression.

The same notion of THC having potentially paradoxical effects has been noted in the human vascular system, as well: while low THC content cannabis has been shown to increase blood flow, high THC content cannabis can lead to vasoconstriction and decrease blood flow. Lastly, while THC is frequently used to help treat nausea in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, there are rare cases where patients consuming high THC content cannabis can’t stop vomiting and experience intense abdominal pain. This health condition is called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and, currently, the only known way of dealing with it is stopping all cannabis use — this is especially unfortunate for patients who rely on cannabis for relief from other conditions.

Doctors and scientists believe that some people are more vulnerable than others to any potential negative effects of THC-rich cannabis. Adolescents and young adults in particular are susceptible because their brains are still developing. Studies have suggested that cannabis use among adolescents affects memory and executive functions that are important for mental flexibility and the ability to alter our behavior.

Notably, most major studies into the medicinal properties of cannabis have involved low doses of THC due to the low-quality nature of the marijuana crops approved by the federal government for research purposes. Therefore, if you choose highly potent cannabis products in the legal market, know that you may face unexpected or unwelcome effects.

The only way to identify a cannabis product as being rich with THC is through lab testing or personal consumption.

Top THC-rich strains

The following is a list of some of the most popular cannabis strains that tend to be particularly high in THC content.

Cookies Gelato
Cookies Gelato is frequently one of the most potent cannabis strains with THC levels of around 28%. It combines the sugary sensations of cookies and gelato and sports a sweet aroma. This hybrid strain can bring about a euphoric rush with a relaxing touch. Cookies Gelato is not for novice smokers, however, but for those with a bit of tolerance.

Royal Gorilla
Royal Gorilla is a knockout strain known to reach 26% THC content. This balanced hybrid produces an incredibly euphoric high and comes with mouth-watering citrus flavors with pine tones. Royal Gorilla provides a beautiful, euphoric, couch-locking experience and can be suitable for therapeutic use.

Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner is a heavy-duty hybrid with an average THC content of 23%. It won the Denver Cannabis Cup in 2013 and was rated the strongest strain by High Times in 2014. Since then, Bruce Banner has carved itself out quite the reputation. This strain delivers a dizzying euphoria that anchors your body in deep relaxation.

Green Gelato
Green Gelato is a must-try for any cannabis fan with a sweet tooth. It has a sweet flavor with a mix of fruity tones, sharp mint, spicy kush, and warm cookie flavor. Green Gelato gives a strong high that chills your body out because of its average THC content of about 27%.

Hulkberry is one of the most impressive hybrids with THC content frequently surpassing 27%. This 65% Sativa-dominant strain is heavily advised for experienced smokers. Hulkberry keeps the high focus only in the brain and gives a clear and energetic feeling. Additionally, Hulkberry has a delicious fruity taste.

Triple G
Triple G is an Indica-dominant strain that can make you fly away. It contains 26–28% THC and can be used to treat insomnia, chronic pain, or appetite loss. Triple G can calm the nerves, relieve psychological stress, and allow the mind to rest from the thoughts that keep us up at night. If you decide to try Triple G, pay attention to the taste of berries, candy, and chocolate.


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