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Washington LCB Adds New Disallowed Pesticide Products

Residues from one or more undisclosed pesticide ingredients have been discovered in fifteen different growing aid products common to the Washington cannabis industry, the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board announced yesterday afternoon in an email to the LCB Marijuana listserv.

Many of these products contain pesticide ingredients that are not allowed in legal marijuana crops, and could cause products to fail the Washington State Department of Health’s pesticide testing requirements for cannabis products sold in Washington. In some cases, the residues could even lead to the confiscation and destruction of crops and products made from contaminated plants, the LCB warned.

The following grow aids — organized by type of product — are no longer allowed in the Washington cannabis industry:


  • Safergro Mildew Cure for Powdery Mildew Control, WA Reg. No. 68573-08004
  • SNS 217C All Natural Spider Mite Control Concentrate, WA Reg. No. 998660-10002


  • Humboldt Roots 0-0.25-0.25, WA Reg. No. 1916-0028
  • Olivia’s Cloning Gel .08-.15-.09, WA Reg. No. 1181-0002
  • Optic Foliar AT-AK 0.06-0-0.15, WA Reg. No. 2097-0007
  • Optic Foliar Overgrow 0.8-0.16-3.2, WA Reg. No. 2097-0005
  • Rock Resinator Heavy Yields 0-7-8, WA Reg. No. 2422-0006
  • Root 66 1-1-1, WA Reg. No. 1707-0014
  • The Hammer 10-25-15, WA Reg. No. 1827-0015

Unregistered Products:

  • Frost Protection Plus, unregistered product
  • NPK Mighty Wash, unregistered product
  • OG Rapid Flower + Hardener, unregistered fertilizer product
  • Optic Foliar Switch 0-0.02-2, unregistered fertilizer product
  • Pyyro K 0-3-7, unregistered fertilizer product
  • Vita Grow Thunder Boom, unregistered fertilizer product

The LCB requires licensed cannabis producers to discontinue use of these products, remove them from the licensed premises, and advise all processors that have purchased cannabis with these products that their purchase may have been exposed to an undisclosed pesticide.

Licensed cannabis processors are required to post a notice about the possible use of undisclosed pesticides to any retailers carrying merchandise that may have been treated with the above products. In turn, retailers must post the note provided by the processor in a conspicuous location on the retailer’s licensed premises, for the consumers’ benefit.

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