Washington D.C. Congresswoman Requests U.S. Botanic Garden Display Female Cannabis Plant

U.S. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) has asked the U.S. Botanic Garden to display a female cannabis plant for the first time alongside the male hemp plant already featured in the garden display.

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U.S. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) on Thursday sent a letter to the U.S. Botanic Garden asking that it begin displaying a female cannabis plant for the first time. In the letter, Holmes Norton said that displaying both male and female cannabis plants “would be a historic opportunity to highlight the impact of marijuana on American society and, especially, the American economy.” 

“More and more states, as well as the federal government, are beginning to legalize various forms of cannabis.  In recent years, the House of Representatives has passed several bills that would have descheduled cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.” — Holmes Norton in the letter 

Holmes Norton had previously requested the garden display a hemp plant and notes in the letter that it had recently put that plant on display. That request was sent to the garden’s previous executive director, Dr. Saharah Moon Chaptoin. 

In the letter, Holes Norton said that in 2021, states that legalized cannabis sales collected an estimated 20% more in taxes on retail cannabis sales than on the sale of alcohol products. 

“Twenty-one states and D.C. have legalized adult use marijuana,” Holmes Norton wrote in the letter. “Cannabis sales are projected to reach approximately $33.6 billion by the end of this year and as much as $53.5 billion by 2027.” 

Holmes Norton requested that the garden’s current executive director, Dr. Susan K. Pell, respond to her letter by May 24. 

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