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Washington Bill Would Allow Medical Cannabis in Schools

The proposed bill would simplify treatment for students who require medical cannabis, no longer forcing them to consume their medicine off-campus.

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A new bill introduced to the Washington state legislature seeks to allow young patients to consume medical cannabis on school property, the Sequim Gazette reports.

Bill HB 1060 was introduced to the Washington legislature by Rep. Brian Blake (D-Aberdeen). Within the proposal, student patients must also meet the criteria of the state medical cannabis law and be authorized by a doctor to consume medical cannabis. The bill would also allow local schools to have the final say on the issue.

The bill would allow the parent or guardian of the student-patient to administer treatment at the school, no longer requiring the student to leave campus to receive the treatment. Both the minor and the parent or guardian must be registered with the medical cannabis database and have their medical card with them.

This simplifies the administration of medicine to students, meaning they will less miss time in school and their guardian will be able to go about their day that much more quickly.

HB 1060 will be considered during Washington‘s legislative session, which runs from January 14 to February 22.


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