Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill to Limit Hemp Product THC Levels

The Virginia House and Senate passed a bill on Friday that caps THC levels in hemp products, expands the industry’s permitting system, and enacts stricter labeling rules for intoxicating hemp products like those containing delta-8 THC.

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Virginia lawmakers last week passed a bill to cap THC levels, create a more robust permitting system, and enact stricter labeling rules for hemp-derived products with intoxicating THC levels, such as delta-8 products, the Virginia Mercury reports. The measure passed both the House and Senate last Friday. 

The bill limits THC in hemp-derived THC products at 2 milligrams and also includes a provision requiring topical products containing hemp-derived cannabinoids to include bittering products to prevent people from consuming them to get high.  

Brad Wynne, co-owner of hemp skincare company Veg Out Organics, told WAVY that adding the bittering chemicals to their products will render them almost useless.

“The THC cap is a problem, and what affects really us is they want us to put bittering agents, toxic chemicals into topicals because they think people will take these cleansers, moisturizers and chug it – eat it for the little bit of THC, which doesn’t make any sense.” — Wynne to WAVY 

Katie Wynn, Veg Out co-owner, said the new rules are going to “put hemp farmers, growers, processers, businesses all out of business.” 

“I know it’s a vote to some of them,” she told WAVY, “but for us, it’s our livelihood.” 

Sen. Scott Surovell (D) said during the debate that a provision in the bill that splits cannabis regulatory oversight between the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the new Virginia Cannabis Control Authority “is the first step toward a complete mess.” He said the bill was introduced and passed “because somebody upstairs doesn’t want to talk about it”; likely referring to Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin.  

Youngkin was elected after lawmakers passed an adult-use legalization measure and has led efforts to block implementation bills to create the market. The bill approved on Friday originated with Youngkin’s office which almost guarantees that he will sign it into law. 

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