USPS Intercepts Hemp Shipment from Vermont

Yet another hemp shipment coming out of Vermont has been seized by authorities despite federal rules specifically allowing for the interstate transfer of industrial hemp.

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A 25-pound hemp shipment from Vermont has been intercepted by the U.S. Postal Service on its way to an out-of-state buyer, according to a VT Digger report. The hemp was mailed by Big CBD, whose owner Jimmy Goldsmith said the package was “stepped on” in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Jon Brigati, Goldsmith’s in-house counsel, said the company has a letter on file with their local post office in Hardwick that details the contents of each package sent from Big CBD and he was confident that authorities would send back the package after tests come back as hemp. Brigati added that all future shipments would be labeled with something like “Industrial Hemp” in large letters on the outside of the package and include test results inside the box.

This is, at least, the second hemp shipment from Vermont intercepted by authorities since November when the NYPD confiscated a 106-pound shipment originating from the Green Mountain State and arrested the recipient. Police were tipped off about that package by FedEx and the Brooklyn District Attorney finally dropped the charges last week; however, police have yet to return the plants. The attorney for the hemp recipient has indicated he plans on filing a $10 million lawsuit against the police department and the city.

In June, USPS updated its Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail regulations to clarify that hemp and CBD products are legal to mail as long as the products comply with local laws and compliance records associated with the contents are maintained.

For Big CBD, it’s the first time the company has had any of its products seized.

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