75% of Canadians Say Legalization Had No Impact on Workplace Safety

A study found that three out of four Canadians believe adult-use cannabis legalization has not had an impact on workplace health and safety incidents.

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According to an ADP Canada study, three out of four Canadians believe cannabis legalization has not had an impact on health and safety incidents at the workplace. A strong majority of respondents said that legalization has also had no impact on productivity (74 percent), absenteeism (71 percent) or work quality (70 percent).    

A survey in 2018 found 46 percent of Canadians expected legalization would lead to a drop in productivity, while 43 percent said it would lead to a decline in work quality, 40 percent expected an increase in absenteeism, and 55 percent believed it would lead to a spike in health and safety incidents.  

Hendrik Steenkamp, director for HR Advisory, ADP Canada, said after “a lot of uncertainty” prior to legalization the reforms have “not had a noticeable impact on the workplace or on workplace performance.”

“Although only a fraction of Canadian workplaces allow cannabis during the workday, it’s important for every organization to develop proper workplace guidelines and policies, as well as provide training to identify and manage impairment.” — Steenkamp, in a statement  

In all, 86 percent of respondents indicated that their employer doesn’t permit cannabis use before, during, or after work — 8 percent said cannabis use was allowed during the workday. In the 2018 survey, just 6 percent of respondents thought they would be allowed to use cannabis at work.  

Of those 8 percent whose employer allows cannabis use, 67 percent are using it before work, 47 percent are using it during work, and 72 percent are consuming it after work. Among the working Canadian public, just 4 percent are using it during work, with 5 percent using it before work and 6 percent after work.

Fifty-five percent of those surveyed said that they did not believe their workplace policies would change following the impending legalization of edibles and other “alternative” cannabis products, such as concentrates and topicals. 

The survey also found a 22 percent increase among respondents who said legalization has led them to have a more positive perception of cannabis. 

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