Sunday Scaries CBD Products Review

Sunday Scaries is an all American CBD company that strives to help professionals, students, and literally anyone else overcome the weekly dread of returning to work, school, or whatever other responsibilities Monday can bring. A care package for our review team recently came in from Sunday Scaries sharing some of their top sellers.

The Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are an all-around very enjoyable experience: not too sweet but still chewy and delicious. Likewise, the gelatin-free Sunday Scaries Vegan AF Sour Gummies live up to their name (great news for any sour candy-lovers out there! And for vegans, obviously) and they match the default gummies in appealing flavor, texture, and consistency. Notably, the default CBD gummies come in the classic gummy bear design while the vegan sour gummies are shaped like gumdrops, so if you get a combo of both products you can easily tell them apart without having to taste them.

I used the gummies as their namesake recommended, starting on a sunny Sunday morning before having to return to work the next day — and continued to scarf the gummies on repeat throughout the rest of the week until they were all gone.

Each of Sunday Scaries’ gummies contain 10 mg of CBD, which was perfect for dosing as you could easily limit yourself to just one or two to start with but if ever you felt particularly anxious about an upcoming project (or if you were just hungry!) you could just as easily chow down four or five for a stronger dose.

We also received a sample product of the Scary Sundays CBD Tincture and, since I’m not typically much of a sweet tooth, this product had excited me the most. It did not disappoint!

The tincture is slightly sweet tasting but is an otherwise completely unobtrusive, herbal concoction. If you would prefer to not taste the herbal sweetness, however, or if you are averse to the tincture’s slightly oily consistency, the tincture works wonderfully as an addition to another beverage such as fruit juice, a smoothie, or milkshake. The flavor is definitely not at all overpowering and blends nicely with pretty much anything.

For myself, however, I followed the recommended instructions of letting the tincture dissolve under your tongue for ten seconds before swallowing. Easy-peasy, and deliciously chill. The tincture’s effect itself was completely laid back — not much more can be said about it, but I’m certainly going to appreciate having the bottle lying around for the next few weeks.

Each dropper full of the tincture contains three doses of 10 mg of CBD, making it quite easy to measure out exactly the right dosage of CBD.

Lastly (but certainly not least), all of the Sunday Scaries CBD products are made from industrial hemp grown legally by U.S. farmers under the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning all the hemp was grown in accordance to rules set out by the states’ Agriculture Departments. The hemp has also been lab-tested to show it’s completely devoid of THC, so you don’t need to worry about experiencing any unwanted psychoactive effects or accidentally failing a drug screening in the near future.

All in all, I’d call the Sunday Scaries CBD experience a great option for CBD beginners and experts alike. Depending on your mood or planned activity — from business conference calls, group brainstorming sessions at the office, or a long backpacking trip to the mountains — you can guarantee yourself a little more chill with some Sunday Scaries.

If you’re interested, visit and see how they can help chill you out. There’s even a discount thrown in for Ganjapreneur readers: enter “ganja10” at checkout to save 10 percent!

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