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Study: Cannabis Consumers Are Educated, Employed & Earn Well

According to a new study from Eaze, a technology company that facilitates medical cannabis deliveries, their consumer base is educated, employed, and have higher-than-average income levels.

According to the Insights study, 91 percent of cannabis consumers are employed full-time and 49 percent reported a household income of $75,000 or more, with 16 percent reporting an income between $100,000 and $149,000. Fifty-one percent reported holding a college degree or postgraduate degree. According to California census data, only 39 percent of adults in the state have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher.

One in five respondents, or 22 percent, indicated they are parents, while 27 percent of cannabis consumers said they were married or in a domestic partnership. Sixty-three percent of those parents use cannabis on a daily basis.

According to the researchers, the modern cannabis consumer spends more on cannabis products ($1,704) annually than the average American spends on alcohol ($454), tobacco ($303), and personal care products ($606) combined. The majority – 58 percent – of respondents reported using cannabis on a daily basis – 59 percent of those daily consumers were women.

Four out of five cannabis consumers said that they had reduced their alcohol consumption because of their cannabis use, but 81 percent still currently consumed some alcohol. Another 13 percent said they had entirely replaced alcohol with cannabis, and 80 percent said they consumed at night, consistent with the time-of-day that many begin drinking.

More than 10,000 people participated in the 32 question survey sent via email over one week.

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