PurePressure: Turning Cannabis Into Premium Rosin, Made Easy

PurePressure believes that everyone should have access to solventless concentrates and solventless infused products. That belief has been a driving force as the company expanded its focus from rosin to other methods of solventless extraction. When pressing rosin was an emerging niche market, Josh Rutherford was unimpressed with the available rosin presses. He commissioned now co-founder Ben Britton to engineer a better piece of equipment and the press that was built made great improvements to the market.

After having engineered that first rosin press, others reached out to purchase one of their own so the team built a few more machines for fun. However, the demand for solventless extracts grew and orders kept coming in. Now, four years later, PurePressure has grown from their initial three employees to 18 full-time employees. After their scaled growth, PurePressure hopes to bring on as many as eight more sales, engineering, and marketing employees in the next year.

honey banana hash rosin sitting on tip of scraping tool
Close-up of a ball of rosin budder resting on the tip of a scraping tool. Photo credit: Erik Nugshots

“PurePressure brings innovation to what was a niche in the cannabis industry, but which is now becoming one of the most important processing methods that every serious lab needs to do,” said Eric Vlosky, PurePressure’s Director of Marketing & Business Development.

One of the reasons that the brand has continued to grow is their dedication to customers, both the home growers and commercial producers. Their first customers were small-scale clients making flower rosin at home and they continue to focus on serving this demographic. These clients, who rely heavily on precision, often help the team dial in specifics with their engineering. Over the development of their rosin press line, PurePressure realized that most of the best rosin was being pressed from hash — that’s why they’ve expanded their original line to include lab-safe hash-making equipment.

Workers mixing hash
PurePressure’s latest offerings include equipment specially designed for making ice water hash (also known as bubble hash), such as this 65-gallon Bruteless hash washing vessel. Photo credit: Erik Nugshots

While the small scale customer is essential, these solventless extract machines and equipment are also ideal for commercial producers looking to maximize their solventless concentrate outputs. The PurePressure goal is to turn their in-house engineering results into scalable methods, enabling businesses to create much more hash and rosin. One missing element in the hash industry that the team identified was properly engineered, lab-quality, food-safe mixing vessels — most hash-makers were still using trash cans as mixing vessels, which is not their intended use. The team’s newer hash products are being built to ensure lab safety and regulatory compliance.

All of these products are built to the PurePressure engineering standards to best serve their customers, because customer service is a crucial arm of the brand. The entire company is oriented to their customer’s needs, and this dedication has led to their biggest innovations. Their small customer service team is known for providing expert-level knowledge and getting their customers back up and running quickly. Virtually all of PurePressure’s processing equipment is modular in nature, so repairs can be done in the field, saving critical time for processors so that they can stay on schedule.

cannabis rosin drips from a press
Lines of cannabis rosin drip down after being processed by a PurePressure rosin press. Photo credit: Erik Nugshots

“Response times are everything but the other part of the equation is just actually being true experts in everything that we do,” Vlosky said. “So when people call us for help or sales they’re pleasantly surprised that the person they’re talking to on the other end really knows what they’re doing and what they’re talking about.”

To provide the same expert-level help to the hash line that they do for their rosin products, PurePressure works with prolific hash influencers in the industry. These partnerships are of mutual value — these hash aficionados dedicate themselves to the craft’s methods and trends which pushes PurePressure to continue innovating their offerings. The company is eager to send their latest engineered products to such influencers for the excellent feedback and product reviews.

Hash-based rosin sauce pressed using a PurePressure device
Close-up of a hash-based rosin sauce pressed with a PurePressure rosin press, made by Essential Extracts. Photo credit: Erik Nugshots

“We’re very sensitive to listening to our customers, hearing their needs, and really addressing solutions to the problems they’re talking about,” Vlosky said. “But also we really try to figure out what their problems are going to be before they are even there.”

Their next innovation is an automated hash-washing solution that is backwards compatible and works with their Bruteless™ ice water hash vessels. The labor intensive process of creating ice water hash makes it hard to scale up to retail markets, just like live rosin, but PurePressure plans to navigate this conundrum for the industry by focusing on throughput to help processors meet demand and improve price points.

And, in the meantime, the growing PurePressure team will continue bringing their engineering standards to the solventless industry and working to anticipate their clients’ growing needs.


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