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Oregon Considering New Regulations for Growers to Combat Illicit Market

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), the regulatory body also in charge of cannabis, plans to roll out new reporting regulations to monitor harvests and stifle supply to the illicit cannabis market, High Times reports. Growers are concerned the regulations will make it difficult to harvest the unpredictable cannabis plant and are pushing back against the planned regulations.

The new regulations would require growers to report on anticipated harvest, dry, and cure dates, as well as when those actions finally occur. The OLCC said it receives the same data from agricultural food processors. Growers have argued that cannabis harvests are unpredictable and, unlike traditional agricultural harvests, difficult to anticipate.

The OLCC has not released numbers or data showing how much cannabis is being diverted to the unregulated market. However, the OLCC has said the illicit market cannabis is coming from somewhere and they want to ensure it’s not licensed growers. Oregon strives to use these reporting regulations to better understand the supply chain and where cannabis is leaking to the illicit market.



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