Lawmakers in an Oklahoma legislative working group focused on regulations for the state’s voter-approved medical cannabis program have come to an agreement on testing standards for cannabis, according to an Oklahoma News 4 report.

The latest testing standards include tests for THC and CBD potency, moisture content, residual pesticides, and heavy metals. All products sold in the state must be labeled with the strain and test results. The new requirements will go into effect May 15, 2019.

Products, however, may reach dispensary shelves before that time.

“Before these lab tests are put in place, any marijuana you buy in the state of Oklahoma is very much ‘use at your own risk’. It very easily could have contaminants. It could have heavy metals. It could really harm you.” — State Sen. Greg McCortney, via Oklahoma News 4

Oklahoma has struggled to reach a consensus on many medical cannabis issues after a successful ballot initiative pushed the state government into developing a program. At first, there was interference from both Gov. Mary Fallin and the state Board of Health — ultimately, their efforts were thwarted by the state Attorney General.

Medical cannabis advocates say they are satisfied with the rules and progress. Next, the rules will require approval from the state Board of Health.

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