9% of New York Towns Opt Out of Cannabis Operations

New York state has shown a strong interest in the cannabis industry, with only 9% of towns and villages opting out of the market.

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Only 9% of New York towns and villages have opted out of allowing adult-use cannabis operations, according to Associations of Towns of New York (ATNY) data outlined by Finger Lakes 1 News. The 9% opt-out rates include 84 towns and 46 villages throughout the state.

Although there is time left for jurisdictions to opt out, the ATNY does not expect a “major wave” of last-minute program refusals, Chris Anderson, research director for ATNY said.

“We expect to see some more activity, but it’s certainly pretty late in the game. We have a good indication now it will be a low opt-out percentage statewide.” Chris Anderson, via Finger Lakes 1 News

The opt-out figures in New York, which only legalized cannabis this year via the legislative process, are in stark contrast to the opt-out rate in California, which — despite being the world’s largest regulated cannabis marketplace — stands at 68%, according to a Politico report from September. That report notes that the low acceptance numbers have been blamed on the state’s flourishing underground cannabis market.

“You don’t have a real cannabis industry if the dominant portion of it has no interest in being legal,” Adam Spiker, executive director of the cannabis trade group Southern California Coalition, told Politico. “There’s no other regulated industry in the world that I know of that operates like that.”

A report from Maine Public Radio in September, meanwhile, found a 90% opt-out rate in Vacationland with just 47 of the state’s 500 towns and cities permitting any adult-use cannabis sales.

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