Nearly One-Third of Employees at Major Companies Used Cannabis While Working

Nearly one-third of employees in the financial, tech, or corporate services sector have used cannabis while working or during the workday, according to a new survey.

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A new survey by the professional social media outlet Blind found nearly a third (29%) of workers at some of the largest companies in the country have used cannabis at work or while working from home in the last three months, according to a News Observer report. The 2,500 workers surveyed worked at 35 companies in the financial, tech, or corporate services sector.

The survey asked about both medical and non-medical cannabis use.

“I have spent most of my pandemic high,” says one response from a software engineer at Wayfair. “[I] haven’t noticed it affect[ing] my performance that much… most of the work on my plate was simple enough anyway.”

A majority of workers at Robinhood and Splunk said they have consumed cannabis on the job in recent months. The financial sector workers consumed less cannabis with 33% of employees at companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan-Chase saying they have used cannabis on the job in the last three months. Less than 20% of workers at other firms like Apple, Coinbase, and ServiceNow reported using cannabis while working.

The News Observer points out that a 2021 Gallup poll found over half of Americans have consumed cannabis in their lifetime and 18 states and D.C. have legalized adult-use cannabis, implying these “on the job” cannabis consumption findings are not outside the norm in 2022.

“I use it recreationally to be more focused. I find technical topics… much more enjoyable and insightful with that focus,” a verified MathWorks employee said. “[It] helps me think more abstractly.”

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