The Pennsylvania Department of Health has announced the 12 companies awarded cultivation and processing permits for medical cannabis. Under the state rules, two licenses were available in the state which was broken into six regions.

Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania LLC, and Franklin Labs, LLC were chosen for the Southeast Region licenses; Terrapin Investment Fund 1 LLC, and GTI Pennsylvania were awarded the Northcentral Region – GTI was also awarded a preliminary license in Maryland.

Pennsylvania Medical Solutions LLC, and Standard Farms, LLC will head up the Northeast Region; Agrimed Industries of PA, LLC, and PurePenn, LLC were awarded licenses for the Southwest Region; Ilera Healthcare LLC, and AES Compassionate Care, LLC will cultivate in the Southcentral Region; and Holistic Farms LLC, and Cresco Yeltrah, LLC round out the state in the Northeast Region.

Several of the companies are corporate medical cannabis businesses from Illinois, Maryland, and Connecticut.

According to a Philadelphia Enquirer report, the companies must begin growing in six months. The state’s regime does not permit whole-plant consumption so the companies will have to process their crops into tinctures, oils and capsules.

The names of the 27 companies approved to operate dispensaries in the state are expected next week.

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