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Medical Cannabis Program Stalls In Georgia

Georgia’s medical cannabis program appears to be stalling as the governor and legislative leaders have not yet appointed a commission overseeing the program’s expansion.

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Georgia’s governor and legislative leaders have yet to appoint members of a commission to oversee the expansion of the state’s medical cannabis program, which has stalled in the meantime, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The expansion includes allowing cannabis oils for the program to be produced in the state for the first time.

The legislation was passed in April but requires a seven-member commission to pick the businesses that will be allowed to grow and process the cannabis for the program. Those members are supposed to be picked by Gov. Brian Kemp (R), Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R), and House Speaker David Ralston (R). The commission is also tasked with developing industry rules. According to the report, the state has had more than 50 applications from prospective companies.

Blaine Cloud, whose daughter suffers from a severe form of epilepsy that could be treated with medical cannabis, called the setback “extremely frustrating” since the Legislature finally passed the reforms that would allow easier patient access.

“Registered patients and many others continue to suffer every day – and will continue to suffer since it will take time to get companies licensed once the commission is finally established.” – Cloud, to the AJC

Under the current rules, medical cannabis patients can procure low-THC products from out-of-state and possess them in-state so long as they are registered. Two years ago, some of the state’s patients were obtaining the products from state Rep. Allen Peake, the bill’s sponsor who obtained a medical cannabis card so he could possess the oils and give them to patients.

Aides to Kemp, Duncan, and Ralston have not indicated why there are not yet members yet for the commission.

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