KushyCBD Vape Pen, Tincture, & Topicals Review

KushyCBD is the sister company to KushyPunch, one of California’s leading medical cannabis-infused product manufacturers.

As a company that is known for pioneering achievements in the cannabis space — like being the first cannabis company to sponsor a mainstream boxing title contender and marketing the first sugar-free medical cannabis gummy product — our team was extra excited to receive KushyPunch’s CBD products for review!


The CBD Balance Pen from KushyCBD was a delightful treat to review. The pen combines the soothing experience of CBD with the full terpene profile of medical cannabis. The result is not only relaxing — it’s pleasingly delicious! The 175 milligrams of CBD in each pen is infused in a half-gram of pure sugarcane ethanol, which lends itself to an entirely pure and solvent-free experience. The blend works so well and tastes so good, in fact, that it’s hard to believe at first you’re not actually getting high. Third-party lab testing, however, indicates that the sugarcane ethanol extract contains exactly zero milligrams of THC despite the overwhelming flavor of cannabis terpenes. 

That said, however, the CBD Vape Cartridge from KushyCBD is probably a better choice for regular vape consumers, as it contains the same pure sugarcane ethanol blend but you can do away with the disposable vape pen and simply add the cartridge to your existing collection. The cartridge itself contains twice as much product as the disposable pen: one full gram of extract, or 350 milligrams of CBD. 



CBD-infused tinctures are one of the most popular types of CBD products in the growing marketplace. KushyCBD’s variation does not disappoint. Each bottle of the tincture contains 450 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD oil — that’s 30 of the 15-milligram doses that the bottle/dropper combo can conveniently measure out for you.

The tincture’s flavor is quite mild, so it’s both easy and pleasing to consume directly, but the oil also blends well if you’d rather mix it with something else, such as a smoothy, protein shake, or other supplemental beverage.


We received two topical products in our KushyCBD care package: the CBD Freeze Roll-On and the CBD Body Balm.

The CBD Freeze Roll-On makes for an excellent athletic CBD topical — with its roll-on delivery device, you can easily rub the infused gel directly onto sore muscles and other aches and pains. The gel is also infused with fresh menthol and citrus essence, which makes for a refreshingly cool experience and enjoyable scent — though we suggest starting slow (as should always be the case with cannabinoid infusions) as the menthol/citrus combo is quite potent and can make your eyes water and skin tingle if applied in excess. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, of course. 

The team found the CBD Body Balm to be a more generic and all-around approachable topical product. It has a much more mild scent and application process — it works particularly great for sore hands and feet, as you can really get in between your digits with the stuff, something that the roll-on product struggles with. The Body Balm is also a wonderful addition to help facilitate relaxation and comfort during a massage or post-workout cooldown.

To learn more about the above products — or some of KushyPunch’s other hemp CBD or (if you live in California) medical cannabis products — visit KushyCBD.com or KushyPunch.com for more information.

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