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Julian Marley’s Juju Royal Infused Olive Oil Review

We recently received samples of Julian Marley’s Juju Royal Infused Olive Oil. Juju Royal infused olive oils are not infused with THC, but rather basil or rosemary and CBD. The quality of this product is evident top to bottom: Made with US-grown olives hand-picked in Arizona and CBD from hemp grown in Colorado, there is nothing but purity in the bottle.

The oil’s flavor is heavily weighted towards the rosemary and basil, both herbs that pair well with the flavor of the olive. There is a significant amount of CBD in each, over 250mg in the entire bottle. Each two-tablespoon serving contains 30mg, which is a perfect amount to provide the calming and relaxed yet clear-headed feeling that CBD brings.

Juju Royal advocates drizzling the olive oil directly onto fresh tomatoes or vegetables, but they also provide several recipes on their website for more complex preparations. We opted to prepare a simple vinaigrette to use on a salad of fresh greens and vegetables from a local organic garden.

Here’s our recipe for Lemon-rosemary vinaigrette:

  • 3 cloves garlic, peeled
  • 2 tsp. sea salt
  • 3 lemons, juiced
  • ¾ cup Juju Royal Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Add peeled garlic, salt and juice of lemon to food processor or blender. Blend until pureéd. With blender or food processor running on high speed, slowly pour olive oil through lid or cover (to contain spray) to emulsify. Place in new container and consume or refrigerate — reblending may be needed if stored for long.

The Juju Royal Olive Oil vinaigrette made for a fantastic salad. The calm, soothed feeling after our fresh lemon-rosemary salad made it clear that only the highest quality, pure CBD oil was used in the bottle. Our next test will be of the Basil-infused CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Julian Marley's Juju Royal


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