Idaho Advances Bill to Ban Cannabis Advertising

Lawmakers in the Idaho Senate fast-tracked a bill last week to ban cannabis advertising in the state in response to roadside cannabis ads near the Oregon border.

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Idaho’s Senate fast-tracked a bill to the House of Representatives last week aimed at banning cannabis advertising in the state, according to the Associated Press.

The Senate voted 21-14 to advance the measure, allowing little time for public input. Supporters of the measure say it is in response to roadside cannabis ads located near Oregon.

Although the advertising of alcohol and tobacco is banned in Idaho, activists say the legislation will stifle signature gathering for future statewide cannabis initiatives. The bill’s sponsor Republican Sen. Scott Grow said that while he is concerned about in-state advertising for out-of-state cannabis products, it remains unclear how the bill might affect the signature-gathering process and it would take a legal opinion to fully determine that.

“People are being encouraged to violate the law. They’re being encouraged to go over and get something they know is illegal in Idaho.” — Sen. Scott Grow via AP News

Senators additionally raised concerns about CBD advertising in magazines. Republican Sen. Regina Bayer explained she has health supplement magazines with CBD ads and is concerned about those ads becoming illegal.

“It’s in my mailbox. It’s on my front door. It’s on my kitchen counter. It’s advertising,” she said in the report. “I really wonder how this bill addresses that and if there are any concerns to be had there.”

An effort to essentially block future cannabis legalization efforts in the state by requiring a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate each to remove a drug from the controlled Substances Act failed earlier this year in Idaho. Despite that Constitutional Amendment attracting 26 co-sponsors, it was stopped with a 42-28 vote.

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