Free Medical Cannabis Helpline Launched In Colorado

A group of Colorado medical professionals has launched a free medical cannabis helpline called Leaf 411, which aims to help consumers who have questions about using medical cannabis.

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A group of Colorado medical professionals has created a free medical cannabis helpline called Leaf 411 aiming to help consumers navigate medical cannabis use, according to a Denver Channel report. Callers can remain anonymous and get advice from a “cannabis-trained nurse,” Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Axcell said in the report.

“Cannabis as a medicine is a journey. Finding your dose and finding what works for you, and even after having the appointment with the doctor, there were still more questions.” — Axcell, to the Denver Channel

Axcell said her own journey with medical cannabis came about 10 years ago after she was injured in a car accident and subsequently prescribed “a bunch of different pharmaceuticals.”

The organization’s chief executive officer, Katherine Golden, is a registered nurse who started looking into medical cannabis treatment after a family member was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She said that the group hears a lot from seniors who “still believe the only way to get medicine is inhaling.”

“So it’s wonderful to be able to say ‘no, there’s all these other formulations out there,'” she added.

According to a University of Colorado study, cannabis use by seniors has increased tenfold over the last 10 years, the fastest for any demographic.

The organization has an oversight board that includes nurses, a physician, and attorneys. It counts about 20 cannabis firms among its founding members.


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