European Union Will Raise THC Limits on Hemp

The EU Parliament has voted to raise THC limits for industrial hemp from 0.2 to 0.3 percent and to establish hemp industry marketing standards.

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The European Parliament voted last week to raise industrial hemp THC limits from 0.2 percent to 0.3 percent, aligning them with most other programs including the U.S., Hemp Industry Daily reports. The parliament does not have final say in the reforms, but the votes establish the body’s stance on proposed Common Agricultural Policy reforms.

The parliament also approved an amendment to add hemp to sectors covered by European Union marketing standards which would eventually establish a criterion for grading hemp products and allow restrictions regarding the use of certain substances and marketing practices.”

In a statement, the European Industrial Hemp Association called the vote “a major achievement for the European hemp sector.” The organization said raising the THC limits “would allow new varieties to enter the market and to be bred, resulting in a better adaptation of the crops to the climatic conditions of the different EU territories.” While marketing standards for the industry “would translate into a significant increase of quality and standardization of hemp products,” the group said.

Daniel Kruse, EIHA President, noted that “For decades, hemp has been considered as a minor crop, while, for centuries, it has been a key asset for our economies.”

“The vote of the Parliament reflects a renewed approach of our society to this wonderful plant that has the potential of decarbonizing many different manufacturing sectors and provide farmers with a consistent and green source of revenues.” – Kruse in a statement

According to the report, the European Parliament shares the authority to adopt and amend legislation with the Council of the European Union and European Commission. European Parliament Press Officer Jan Jakubov told Hemp Industry Daily that talks on European Union farm policy are likely to commence next month.

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