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Pat Beggan

Dr. Dabber Switch Review

The first time I saw someone with a butane torch, elaborate glass tubing and what looked like dentistry tools I thought for sure they were working on a science project and not trying to get high. Dabbing can have a high bar for entry for those only familiar with the classic joint or edible — enter the Dr. Dabber Switch.

The Switch doesn’t need a torch, but it’s not an eNail either. The Switch is an induction dabber, which means it uses magnetic fields generated in the sealed body of the rig to heat a ceramic or quartz cup to vaporization temperatures without the extract ever touching sensitive electronic components. The Switch takes an intimidating, dangerous process and makes it approachable and safe by removing the torch and separating the extract and the heat source.

Simply drop your oil, wax or shatter into the induction cup and place the cup into the glass-lined induction chamber. Within 3-5 seconds you can be inhaling cannabis vapor, a huge speed upgrade over conventional methods.

Aside from ease of use, the main benefit from the Switch’s induction heating is a reduced rate of failure. Many conventional dab rigs vaporize cannabis by direct contact with the heating element, or atomizer. These atomizers need replacement every month or two on many rigs — but not the Dr. Dabber.

I had an excellent experience with the Dr. Dabber Switch. I had assumed, upon opening the elaborate package, that there would be a steep learning curve for using the Switch. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s dead simple.

Dr. Dabber Switch

Flip the bottom switch to the oil or flower setting depending on your desired vaporization material, set the power from 1 to 5 depending on desired taste and quantity of vapor and then hold down the power button. The glass induction chamber is lit by colored LEDs that go from red to green as the ceramic cup reaches vaporization temperature. Once they’re green, you just inhale through the water pipe mouthpiece. Bam, high as a kite.

The Switch comes with a variety of tools for dabbing and handling the ceramic cup. The tweezers that come with the unit are a little too bulky to be practical and the glass tipped carb cap is also too big to use for inserting dabs into the chamber. I’ve had great success loading the induction cup outside the unit and then dropping it in directly, so the tools being not quite perfect isn’t a major roadblock.

The only other issue I had with the rig was the ease with which the glass bubbler mouthpiece and carb cap break. They’re made of high-end borosilicate glass but are surprisingly fragile. I accidentally snapped the glass loading tool off the carb cap within a day and within a week I had dropped the glass mouthpiece, shattering it into a million pieces right as I got high. Not ideal. Replacing the mouthpiece cost $75 and I didn’t replace the loading tool but that would’ve cost me another $20 had I opted for replacement. They might have used thicker glass on a rig that costs $400.

And that brings us to another major stopping point for potential buyers — the Switch’s price. $400 is a lot for a dab rig, even an induction one. A basic dabbing system might cost $80-100 for entry-level products, a fraction of the Switch’s cost. However when factoring in the ease and quickness of use, lack of maintenance costs like atomizer replacement and overall utility I think the $400 price point is justified. Undoubtedly, there must have been a lot of engineering that went into designing this rig.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a strong buy in this reviewer’s opinion. If you’ve been put off dabbing by torches and guesswork, the Switch is made for you. It’s quick, it’s precise, it’s safe and quite frankly it looks and feels awesome in the hand. Order a Switch from the Dr. Dabber website today and begin experimenting with all the awesome extracts that legalization has brought us!

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