Federal watchdogs at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report this week outlining how the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has mismanaged the distribution of federal funds to local law enforcement meant for aiding the eradication of illegal cannabis grows.

First noted by Marijuana Moment, the report investigates the about $17 million given annually to DEA to help with local eradication efforts. Specifically, GAO found that DEA does not consistently track where the cannabis eradication funding actually goes — meaning any mismanagement would be easily missed.

“DEA oversees participating agencies’ compliance with program expenditure requirements in various ways, but does not consistently collect supporting documentation for expenditure reports. … DEA officials said they are now working to address this issue, but they have not developed a plan with specific actions and time frames for completion. By developing and implementing such a plan, DEA could have greater assurance that funds are being expended appropriately.” — Excerpt from GAO report

GAO’s four-part recommendation: “…that DEA develop a plan to ensure the collection of consistent documentation of expenditures, clarify its guidance for reporting program activities, document all of its program goals, and develop performance measures.”

The DEA previewed GAO’s report in October and officials said the agency agrees with all of GAO’s recommendations.

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