A good strategy is of the utmost importance if you are hoping to maximize your exposure through social media channels.

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Crafting Your Dispensary’s Voice on Social Media: Do’s and Dont’s

Just like the visual identity of your dispensary in the form of branding or a unique logo, your customers should ideally be able to recognize your content solely by its tone and writing style. By establishing your dispensary brand’s voice early on for all communication, you will be able to provide a consistent and enjoyable experience for your customers every time they encounter you.

Social media is likely where it is going to have the greatest effect for your customers, since this is where they will see most of your content. To help you create your own standards for posting, below is a general guide of do’s and don’ts for operating your social channels.

  • DO share relevant information with your customers. You will lose followers if you aren’t giving them useful or informative content when and where they need it.
  • DO maintain your personality through words. Is your dispensary a relaxed place or does it have a more serious atmosphere? Use verbiage that matches the tone of your brand so that you don’t confuse your audience with a voice they don’t expect.
  • DO represent your brand in a positive light by putting thought into your content and comments. Be receptive and willing to consider new ideas from your followers to make them feel important.
  • DO give your followers the inside scoop. Make them feel like they are “in the know” by providing some behind-the-scene looks at what it takes to own and operate a dispensary.
  • DO respond to comments in a timely manner, remaining professional even if the comments are rude or profane. Make sure to have a plan to respond to angry comments so that you are able to stay consistent.
  • DO maintain your brand’s voice across social channels, even if you have more than one person managing them. Your audience should not be able to tell the difference if more than one person is creating your content.
  • DO stand up for your political beliefs, but be aware of the potential repercussions. Maintain your professionalism in the resulting discussion, respecting everyone’s opinions. Remember that you are speaking on behalf of the entire business.

Here are some tips on what to avoid:

  • DON’T break the law. You need to know your local rules on advertising cannabis before planning your social media efforts. Leafly keeps a running list of advertising laws for each state — click here.
  • DON’T make every piece of content a hard sell. You will want to throw in more interesting and useful content as well. Remember that you are trying to make a good first impression and instill trust in your followers.
  • DON’T be lewd or overtly sexual in any way. Objectifying women is also something you should avoid: you will wind up alienating customers and reinforcing negative stereotypes about the industry.
  • DON’T make false claims. Sure you might want to talk highly about one of your favorite products, just keep in mind that you might disappoint your audience if you go overboard.
  • DON’T over-use profanity. Depending on the voice of your brand it may be appropriate occasionally, but it should never be used commonly.

Clearly, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when sharing content over social media.

The main thing to remember is that each time you share content, that message might be the first thing that a potential new customer sees from your brand. Make sure that the information is relevant and professional, but remember to inject some personality that matches the feel of your shop. Creativity will be rewarded by separating your business from its competitors, so make sure you are having fun with it!

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