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CanopyBoulder Launches 9th Canna-business Accelerator Program

CanopyBoulder’s spring 2018 business accelerator cohort includes a blockchain technology company, a software firm, and other tech projects aimed at marketing and medical cannabis information. In total, six companies comprise CanopyBoulder’s ninth class in the 16-week accelerator program.

The six companies:

Realm 72 – an online marketplace for marketers, brands, and influencers, linking products and high-growth ventures with influencers inside and outside the cannabis industry. The company aims to offer “the best social network to promote influencer marketing in the cannabis industry.”

Andia – developers of a decentralized “plug-and-play platform that harnesses block-chain technology to provide a compliance solution for the adult-use and medical cannabis industry.” The tech encrypts, records transaction to “provide comprehensive, secure, precise and permanent financial audit trail” to prevent issues such as “looping.”

Catalyst Business Partners – an online platform that “provides legal and structural people operations support” cannabis businesses focusing on talent management, organizational design, and HR management.

Best in Grow – aims to provide an “unbiased source for all the information and expertise that anyone could need.”

KNXIT – provides API integrations between cannabis industry and conventional software.

TreatmentX – a network of cannabis brands “committed to the advancement of well-designed research promoting the efficacy of cannabis as medication.”

“CanopyBoulder is funding and nurturing the infrastructure businesses that the legal cannabis industry needs to continue on a high growth trajectory. As always, we will continue to support our founders with not only financial assistance, but the invaluable resources of a thriving startup community. The cannabis industry won’t stop growing and we won’t stop pushing our startups to innovate and exceed expectations.” – Patrick Rea, co-founder and managing director of CanopyBoulder, in a press release

Since 2015 CanopyBoulder has made nearly 80 investments and launched 63 businesses.

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