In an interview with Capital Public Radio, Sacramento, California County Sheriff Scott Jones indicated that he has had conversations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions about cannabis policy which lead him to believe that Sessions will maintain the status quo in states with legal cannabis programs.

“Regarding the prioritization of federal resources to combat marijuana, he didn’t see the federal government getting involved in marijuana use or low-level state, what are traditionally state and local crimes, but, I don’t think he ruled out the possibility of the federal government getting involved in larger-scale operations,” he said.

Those “large-scale operations” would include trafficking by drug cartels, Jones said.

Jones’ take is the latest pointing toward the federal government continuing to take a hands-off approach to the legal cannabis industry despite the confirmation of Sessions – an admitted prohibitionist whose nomination culled unease for industry operators and stakeholders.

During his confirmation hearings, Sessions said he “won’t commit to never enforcing federal law,” explaining that he thought if prohibition was “not desired any longer…Congress should pass a law and change the rule.”

President Donald Trump has said he supports states’ rights and medical cannabis access.





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