Baboon Series Green Monkey Grinders Review

The Baboon series herb grinder from Green Monkey Grinders packs an incredible punch considering its small size. The review team was surprised and impressed by the weight and power of this grinder, which feels heavy in the hand like something you’d expect from a compact piece of machinery.

The basic grinder design is just your default herb grinder: the flower you add directly into the magnet-weighted top of the grinder is ripped up by sharp teeth as you rotate the grinding mechanism. The powdery mix filters down into a central compartment where it can be easily stored and/or retrieved for your rolling or bowl-loading purposes.

The lid of the grinder is magnet-weighted, so it snaps into place easily but doesn’t interfere with the rotation process and is also easy to remove when you want it — no more sticky grinder lids!

The main compartment has a very fine mesh base that filters the powdery kief of your cannabis flower into its own compartment for long-term kief collection and storage — the kief catch also includes a small, plastic scraper so you can easily retrieve and apply that trichomey goodness whenever you’re feeling like an extra kick is in order.

Each compartment is easily opened by unscrewing the grinder at one of three total access points: the magnet-sealed lid, the central compartment (which is marked by a heavy-duty metal grip and a helpful lip on the side of the device), or the kief-catching base compartment.

In all, the Baboon series grinders don’t try to reinvent the wheel, they just take what’s known and loved in a modern grinder — sharp teeth, easy spinning, magnetic sealing, and an all-bases-covered kief catch with plastic scraper — and puts it in a pleasingly small, portable, and classy-looking package.

The review grinder we received was colored red, but after glancing through the product line the team was impressed by the array of fancy color options, which include a light blue, “gunmetal black,” and even rainbow, among many others.

We would recommend the Baboon series product line from Green Monkey Grinders for anyone who wants a smaller grinder but doesn’t want to sacrifice grinding power in the event you come across some extra stubborn or sticky bud.

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