Autoflowering Seeds: The Great Way to Kick Off Your 2021 Season

Time to try new things

A new year means it’s time to try new things, including in your grow tent. Now, regular seeds are just fine but if you want to get the same potency and overall quality in less time and without needing much maintenance, autoflowers are what you’re looking for – even beginner growers can grow them without a problem!

Autoflowering cannabis seeds: What Are They?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds come from the Cannabis Ruderalis species which originated in certain climates present in Canada, Russia, Central Europe, and Central Asia. Due to the harsh climates, this species flowers faster than photoperiodic cannabis strains.

Now, remember that autoflowers are not Ruderalis strains, this new type of seeds contain a combination of Indica, Sativa, and (of course) Ruderalis genetics, resulting in super-potent plants that can flower faster, usually taking 8-10 weeks.

What Are the Benefits?

Some years ago it would be hard to choose autos over photoperiodic genetics because the first autoflowering seeds still had a lot of Ruderalis traits, so autos weren’t very potent or flavorful.

Nowadays you can find autoflowers that grow faster, grow more compact, can produce top-shelf flowers, and are up to par with regular cannabis.

Faster growth and shorter life cycle

One of the main advantages that make growers choose autos is due to the shorter life cycle. Autoflowers can take as little as 8 weeks from seed to harvest, this means your autos will take less time to completely mature, thus making it less likely to suffer from bugs, mold, diseases and even bad weather.

Smaller size

Autoflowers usually grow shorter and more compact (depending on the genetics), obviously, you can find autos that grow more than 2m tall but most autos available grow shorter, making it easier for outdoor growers to hide the plants in a guerilla grow style, for example.

Also, indoor growers with limited space can benefit from autos because they will be able to grow more plants in the same growing space without affecting the yields or having problems with plants growing too much.

Grow outdoors all year long

Now, one of the main reasons why growers cultivate autos is because they can be grown outdoors all year long due to their ability to resist harsher climates, so you can even grow your autoflowers in the winter.

Autoflowers have the ability to grow and flower under the same light cycle, making it possible for outdoor growers to have multiple cycles all year long and allows indoor growers to have plants vegetating and flowering in the same grow tent, making it easier to maintain a perpetual harvest, for example.

Specialized Autoflowering Seeds Bank

Autoflowering genetics are a must-try if you are looking for high yields and a quick harvest without losing potency and flavor but it’s essential you buy your seeds from reputable cannabis seed banks.

Fast Buds is one of the only seed banks that focuses solely on autoflowering genetics and is one of the most popular autoflowering seed banks nowadays, the seed bank offers a wide catalog that includes classic and famous Cali genetics in auto version.

Best Autoflowering Strains

If you’re looking to try top-shelf autoflowering genetics, here are our top 3 best strains to try in your next grow cycle or even give to your friends as a Christmas gift!

Gorilla Cookies Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a finely balanced hybrid that grows around 100cm and performs extremely well in both hotter and colder climates, producing up to 300g in 70 days.

You can expect an elaborate aroma of earthy and kushy terpenes with subtle hints of diesel, lemon, and mint that comes along with a euphoric high that slowly evolves into a potent corporal high that will leave your whole face melting.

Lemon Pie Auto

Lemon Pie Auto is a delicious Indica-dominant hybrid suited for all types of growers, including inexperienced growers who want to harvest top-shelf flowers without much effort.

This strain can reach 100cm and produce up to 170g in just under 65 days and will surprise you with the delicious terpene profile of sweet pie with a blend of citrus and fuel that will overwhelm your palate.

Consumers can expect a fine mix of both cerebral and corporal effects that will leave you alert while deeply relaxing your whole body, an awesome strain for relieving physical pain without being couch locked.

Orange Sherbet Auto

Orange Sherbet Auto is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will leave your mouth watering due to the delicious orange terpenes, which is a great choice for extractors who are looking to take their product to the next level.

This plant can grow quite tall, growing around 150cm and producing up to 300g in 70 days, while delivering buds that reek of a fresh orange juice cocktail with a sweet-and-sour tangerine taste that comes offers a mostly Sativa effect that will get your creative juices flowing while keeping you high as a kite for hours and hours.


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