Hemp seeds are quickly taking their place as one of the latest, popular "super foods."

Brian Tomlinson

Australia and New Zealand Approve Hemp Food Sales

The Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation has approved the sale of hemp as food but also imposed strict guidelines around the products’ marketing and labeling, according to Grain Central, an Australian grain industry publication.

The guidelines ban any references to the presence of CBD in the product and prevent any branding linking the products to illicit cannabis or suggesting that the products have psychoactive or therapeutic effects. Hemp food contains high levels of protein and near-perfect ratios of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

New South Wales Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said the approval will allow “Australians to reap the benefits” of both hemp food – which is legally sold in 21 nations – and an expanded hemp industry.

“Low THC hemp is legally already grown in NSW under strict licensing conditions and it is a hardy and sustainable crop that has enormous potential for both domestic and export markets,” Blair said in the report.

Currently, Australian hemp cultivators are working to develop drought resistant hemp varieties for both domestic and export markets. Under New South Wales regulations, legal hemp crops contain less than 1 percent THC. Australia legalized industrial hemp production nationwide in 2008.

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