Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Board have tabled action on regulations to allow social cannabis use under the state program until the board once again has a full panel of members, the Associated Press reports. The board is down one member after the resignation of member Travis Welch last month. The board expects to revisit the proposal in June after they find a replacement for Welch.

The board has been mulling plans since 2016. Last August, the board released a draft for on-site consumption which would allow licensed retailers to sell up to 1 gram of flower and edibles with 10 milligrams of THC or less for consumption on premises. Under the proposal, customers would not be allowed to bring their own cannabis, alcohol would not be allowed to be sold, and retailers would pay $1,000 for a new, or renewal, on-site consumption endorsement.

So far, only Denver, Colorado and some California cities will allow social use. In February, Denver regulators issued its first social-use license to The Coffee Joint, which will allow patrons 21-and-older to bring their own vaporizers and/or infused edibles to consume at the shop; smoking is not allowed. Last week, West Hollywood regulators announced they would license 16 cannabis consumption licenses which would allow customers to smoke, vape, or eat infused foods and beverages.

Ballot initiatives in Massachusetts and Maine included social-use language; however, regulators in both states rejected social-use language in their draft rules.

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