Utah lawmakers voted on Thursday to kill a bill that would have expanded the state’s CBD consumption laws, The Associated Press reports.

This is the second and final medical cannabis reform effort blocked in Utah this week, meaning that Utah will not be updating its marijuana laws this year: earlier this week, lawmakers blocked a law that would have legalized the production and consumption of cannabis-infused edible products for patients suffering from certain conditions.

The bill blocked on Thursday, which was sponsored by Rep. Brad Daw (R-District 60) and Sen. Evan Vickers (R-District 28), would have expanded the state’s overly-restrictive program to at least allow the in-state production of CBD extracts. According to Daw, the bill was blocked because this year’s budget simply couldn’t support the proposal, and he plans to resubmit the plan during next year’s session.

Current Utah law only allows those suffering from severe epilepsy to use high-CBD oils, and only if those oils have been procured out-of-state.

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