The Hash Series: RosinTech w/Jeff Church – CannaCon 2016

Ganjapreneur recorded this presentation on the RosinTech cannabis extraction technique by Jeff Church aka Cannabis Reverend ( at CannaCon 2016 (

Jeff Church has been extracting medicine from cannabis for over 15 years. He has worked with every modern solvent and solventless extraction processes including dry extraction, ethanol and ISO alcohol, water extraction, butane, CO2 and, of course, RosinTech. He is an internationally respected hash producer and researcher and VP of Research and Development at Thinc Pure ( in Washington State. He also consults for legal cannabis processors and pharmaceutical companies. He worked to develop and implement the medical marijuana hashish rating system for consumers and patients. Reverend Cannabis was formerly Dean of the Cannabis College and has worked extensively on cannabis reform with the Committee for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, the Cannabis Defense Coalition and the Patient Arrest Protection Group. -via CannaCon