THC-Infused Lotions and Skin Care Products Manufactured in Legal Marijuana States May Soon Be Available in Big-Box Retail Stores

Ah Warner is the CEO and founder of Cannabis Basics, a Washington-based cannabis topicals company that has helped shape the unique cannabis industry from its outset. Cannabis Basics offers lotions and topicals for both the medical cannabis and skin care markets, producing everything from pain relief creams to beauty products and tattoo treatment balms.

Earlier this year, Ah helped draft and advance legislation that established low-THC skin products — like many of the products offered by Cannabis Basics — as something that should be commercially available in the mainstream marketplace via distributors such as Super Supplements or Whole Foods. Additionally, Cannabis Basics recently became the first business to be awarded a federal trademark using both the word “cannabis” and a depiction of a marijuana leaf.

Recently, Ah appeared on the podcast for a discussion with podcast host Shango Los. She shared insights about the founding and growth of Cannabis Basics and what makes her company’s products stand out from many of the other cannabis topicals on the market.

Ah discussed the amount of effort it takes to establish a unique formulation process, and shared advice for people breaking into the topicals industry: “Do some research first. When you actually start to do your test batch, make sure that you take copious notes.”

When the discussion turned to the branding of her products, Ah responded: “The best advice I can give to entrepreneurs is to pay professionals do this type of work for you. “

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